Nasa Space Adventure Exhibition is in Metropol Istanbul with its interactive experience zones, until end of February!


Exhibition Content

Established by HUPALUPA Expo on an area of 2300 sqm in Metropol Istanbul Mall, the exhibition hosts more than 200 works, including life-size works that have witnessed NASA space missions. Visited by more than 4 million people in 12 countries in 4 years, the NASA Space Adventure Exhibition features special pieces from space and dozens of high-tech space instruments that allow you to experience life in space.

Historical NASA Milestones Zone


Historical NASA Milestones Zone

Replicas of space rockets and full-size models of spacecraft are presented in narrative form with special guidance. In this exhibition, where you can learn how space studies have developed historically both in Turkey and across the world, "pioneering" works have been accentuated, however, all the milestones up to the SpaceX-NASA cooperation have been mentioned.
The narrative of the exhibition was developed in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and designed to appeal to all ages.

Simulation and VR Zone


Simulation and VR Zone

There are 6 simulations in this zone: You will have the chance to experience what it feels like to walk on Mars and the Moon, to comprehend how pilots trained for Space Programs are trained in F18s, and to view the unique space scenery from the ISS while Space Walking.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can access all the questions below. If you did not find the question you were looking for, contact us.

Just as you can buy your tickets online at Biletix and Mobilet, so you can buy tickets at the NASA Exhibition Entrance of the Metropol Istanbul AVM.

With the entrance ticket, you have the right to visit the entire historical exhibition area with a tour guide. You can experience the simulation equipment in the specified zone with the pay cards you can obtain from booths in the simulation zone. You can top up as you wish and benefit from marketing campaigns.

Our exhibition has been planned in a sessional manner within the scope of COVID-19 measures, as well as to convey the content in a high quality manner accompanied by tour guides. You can see the available sessions while on Biletix and Mobilet.

Unfortunately no, we are working with capacity planning due to the corona restrictions, you have to wait for the next session as the capacity is managed in line with the session participation information.

Yes, for group sales you have to fill out the form on our website and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Please continue to visit our website sitemizi for our pricing options.

On the contrary, this exhibition is an exhibition for everyone who is passionate about science and technology. It's an event for the whole family

The exhibition is sponsored by HUPALUPA EXPO, along with other partners, which is affiliated to the HUPALUPA parent company. However, you cannot obtain exhibition tickets from HUPALUPA. An important point: You can experience the simulation equipment by charging your HUPALUPA game cards after entering the exhibition. If you already have enough Hupalupa balance, you can cover equipment fee with this balance. If you don't have a card, you can get it in the zone, and even play with this card in HUPALUPA after visiting the exhibition. The NASA exhibition center is one floor below HUPALUPA, in Metropol Istanbul AVM Atasehir.

Our exhibition person capacity has been adjusted in line with COVID-19 measures. In addition, the equipment to be used in the simulation areas will be sterilized in accordance with the hygiene standards after each use.

Neil Armstrong

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Neil Armstrong
July 20, 1969